Running and Riding the trail. 

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I know some groups will be coming up to run and ride the trail this weekend.  I’ve had requests for maps.  Really, they won’t help you…  Our trail is a spaghetti bowl of trails connected with straighter sections. If You still want a map, so go look at this;  I know you want a good description of the trail and you’re afraid you’ll get lost and never find your way out…  Don’t worry much about that, the trail is in the river corridor, as long as you don’t go for a swim, you’ll be fine.  Go look at this mileage chart that we made for the 2010 Marathon. This description starts and finishes at the Hotter’N Hell building at 104 Scott Street since it’s for the marathon.  If you want to start where we do for the August events, just park at the little park just to the west of the HHH building and walk over to the Pedestrian Bridge. 

Don’t get too excited about the miles on the description, we’ve had a whole winter and spring of floods since it was written, so real mileage will vary.  Some of the trail is still a bit wet but our awesome Trail Boss Pat has made detours around the bad parts.   

If you get turned around in The Bowl, just listen for the expressway and head for it! 

Tip – Bug spray.  Lots of bug spray.  You can get water at the Texas Information Center (Tourist Bureau) they have very nice bathrooms.  They welcome runners and bikers alike just don’t track mud in!

Tip - Poison Ivy. Stay away from it! I like to hose off after each ride or run.  Water denatures the Urushiol oil.  For more information go to

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