Texas Forts Tour 

It's not too late to ride with us!  Just come to the Halliburton Building adjacent to (north of) Fort Richardson State Park, on the southern edge of Jacksboro, Texas, Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 for late sign up and Packet Pick-Up from 4 to 7 PM and continuing Sat. from 6:30 to 7:30 AM.  On site price is $200.  Don't miss all the fun!  Come ride with us!


3 Days-3 Forts

108 To 276 miles your choice!

Columbus Day Weekend – October 8 –10, 2011

More rolling hills and beautiful 

Texas fall scenery than is legal!

For more information go to

www.texasfortstour.com or www.weechita.org


Who is hosting the Texas Forts Tour?
The Wichita Falls Streams and Valleys (some of the same folks that host the Hotter’N Hell Hundred!) the Texas Forts Trail (Heritage Tourism), Fort Richardson, Fort Belknap, Fort Griffin, Jacksboro, Graham, Albany, Breckenridge, Palo Pinto, Mineral Wells and all the other wonderful towns the tour will ride through.

What is the Texas Forts Tour?
Three days of wonderful bike riding in the beautiful countryside.  We like to call it:

3 Days-3 Forts

108 To 276 miles your choice!

Columbus Day Weekend – October 8 –10, 2011

More rolling hills and beautiful 

Texas fall scenery than is legal!

For more information go to

www.texasfortstour.com or www.weechita.org


When is the Texas Forts Tour?
October 8, 9, and 10.  This great adventure will start Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 with Packet Pick-Up at Fort Richardson State Park, just south of Jacksboro, Texas, from 4 to 7 PM and Saturday from 6:30 to 7:30 AM. We’ll offer a Spaghetti Dinner and an Ice Cream Contest hosted by Friends of Fort Richardson (small additional fee) and Living History exhibits.  The Fort will be open for your viewing pleasure. 

Friday, Oct. 7 Packet Pick up and Late Registration is at the Halliburton Building at the north end of the park.  You can't drive to the Halliburton Building from the park, here is a link - http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Jacksboro&state=TX&address=530+Depot+St&zipcode=76458-2610&country=US&latitude=33.20824&longitude=-98.161541&geocode=ADDRESS (The address for the Halliburton Building is 530 Depot Street, Jacksboro Texas.) Fort Richardson, Pre Ride Dinner and awesome Ice Cream contest hosted by Friends of Fort Richardson (small additional fee) for donations and then drive to overnight at the Jacksboro School.

Saturday, Oct 8 We’ll roll out of Fort Richardson at 8 AM and head to Jacksboro, Loving, Graham and Fort Belknap, then on to the overnight in Albany.

Sunday, Oct 9 An 9 AM start will point us east to Mankins Mill and Breckenridge, our next overnight for the shourt course riders, the long coure will get to visit Cisco and Eastland before they head to Breckenridge.

Monday, Oct 10 We’ll head out again at 8 AM and cruise to Palo Pinto and Mineral Wells, then we’ll head north to Graford and back to Jacksboro and Fort Richardson.

Where does it start?
Fort Richardson State Park, Just south of Jacksboro.  Here is a link to a map.

Where does it end?
Fort Richardson State Park.

Why should I ride the Texas Forts Tour?
To experience small town Texas friendly and really neat rides.  Proceeds benefit the Wichita Falls Streams and Valleys, The Texas Forts Trail and all the communities the ride passes through.

What kind of bike should I bring?
One that works well!  Be sure to have your mount checked out at your local bike shop before the tour! We welcome single bikes, tandems, recumbent and most other human powered modes of transportation!

Tell me about the rest stops, when will they be open and what will they have?
The rest stops will be open based on a fast biker traveling at about 19mph and a “stop and smell the flowers” biker traveling at about 13 mph, including stops. Each rest stop will have at least water and electrolyte replacement drink ( brand to be determined by sponsors).

Rest Stop Schedule: All open and close times are approximate; we'll be working on a "rolling closer" basis.  The rest stop will not close until the last ride is past.


Saturday, Oct 8—three ride options!

105 miles - Fort Richardson to Albany, the scenic tour!

61 miles – We’ll load up you and your bike, after a Trivia Stop in Graham we’ll drop you and your bike at Fort Belknap where you’ll ride on into Albany.

29 miles – We’ll drop you and your bike at Woodson after Trivia Stops at Graham and Fort Belknap.

We’ll leave Fort Richardson after a sendoff by the Re-enactors.  Long course (105 m) at 8 am; both short courses will leave at 9 am, transport provided by Albany. 

Both Short Courses Arrive in Graham via transport at 9:30.

Trivia Stop! Leave Graham at 9:45.

Both Short Courses arrive at Fort Belknap (via Transport) at 10:00, Trivia Stop! Medium course (61 mile) riders will bike from Fort Belknap at 10:15 – Short Route (29 mile) riders will leave Fort Belknap (via Transport) and head for Woodson at 10:15. 

Short Course riders arrive at Woodson at 11 AM via Transport; short course riders depart Woodson on bikes at 11:15.


All bikes are now on the road to Albany. 


Rest Stop Time Line –

(Based on a fast time of 19 mph and a “stop and smell the roses’” speed of 13 mph)

Day one – Graham at 34 miles – open 9:45 close 10:45 (Rest Stop Host – Graham CVB and OPOMAC)

Fort Belknap at 44 miles – open 10:00 close 11:40 (Med Course riders ((61 miles) )leave at 10:15 on bikes) Long course riders arrive 10:30 to 11:40 Short Course (29 miles) riders continue via transport to Woodson (Rest Stop Host Graham CVB and Fort Belknap)

Murray at 64 miles – open 11:15 close 1 PM (Rest Stop Host Texas Forts Trail Board)

Woodson at 76 miles – open at 11 – close 2 PM Short course riders arrive at Woodson via transport and leave on bikes at 11:15 long course riders arrive between noon and 2. (Rest Stop Host – Woodson Community)

90 Miles – Fort Griffin – Major Trivia Stop; Annual Living History event on Parade Grounds. Open 12:30 close 3 PM (Rest Stop Host Fort Griffin Staff and Volunteers)

Albany at 105 miles – open 1:00 close 4 PM (Rest Stop Host Albany Community)

Long course riders arrive between 2 and 4 PM.

Short and Medium Course arrive between 1:30 and 3 PM


Sunday, Oct 9— two ride options!

89 miles – Our test riders really liked this course, lots of beautiful Texas landscape!

34 miles – This is last year’s course from Albany to Breckenridge; you’ll miss the Trivia Stops the long course folks get…  But, don’t worry; we have some special one’s for you!

Sunday, we’ll let you sleep in a bit.  We cannot arrive in Breckenridge until 12:15. 

Long course riders leave at 9 AM, Short course leave at 10 AM.

No transport today, everyone gets to ride from Albany to Breckenridge.

Rest Stop Time Line –

(Based on a fast time of 19 mph and a “stop and smell the roses’” speed of 13 mph)

11.5 miles where Hwy 601 turns south (If you’re fast this one won’t be open when you go by!) Open 10:30 close 11:15 (Rest Stop Host TFT Staff, may be an un-manned table)

24 miles – (Short Course only) In the front yard of the really nice rancher. Open 11:15 Close at Noon. (Rest Stop Host the TFT Staff, may be an un-manned table)

Short Course arrive in Breckenridge  - open 12:15 – if you’re fast, just hang out and see the town, we cannot arrive at the church before 12:15

Long Course –

First stop for Long Course – Moran – mile 22 - open 10:15 close 11 (Rest Stop Host TFT Staff)

42 miles – Cisco at the Mobley Hotel- Awesome Trivia Stop!!  Open 11:30 close 12:30 (Rest Stop Host Cisco Chamber and Hilton Museum staff.)

52 miles – Eastland at the County Court House – Major Trivia Stop: pay your respects to Old Rip. (Rest Stop Host Eastland Community)

69 miles –(Around Wayland) – Open  12:30 close 2:30 (Rest Stop Host TFT Staff)

88 miles – Long Course arrive 1:30 to 4 PM at Breckenridge, overnight host is the First Baptist Church of Breckenridge, at 301 South Rose just north of West Hullum.  Look for the Midwestern State Cycling Team trailer.


Monday, Oct 10— two ride options!

82 miles – The same wonderful course as last year.

45 miles – You and your bike will be dropped off at the Old Jail Museum, don’t worry you still get to ride the famous Three Amigo’s!


Our last day of FUN! We’re sad to see it arrive but we’re looking forward to the Three Amigo’s!


Long Course leaves at 8 AM; Short course loads the trucks and leave at 8:30


Rest Stop Time Line –

(Based on a fast time of 19 mph and a “stop and smell the roses’” speed of 13 mph)

        14 miles Caddo - open 8:45 close 9:15 (Rest Stop Host TFT Staff)

38 miles – Palo Pinto Old Jail Museum open 9:00 close 11:50 Short Course riders (45 miles) arrive by truck and trailer at 9 (Rest Stop Host - Palo Pinto Old Jail Museum)

46 miles – Hoppys’ Bail Bondsmen, Corner of Hwy 180 and Hwy 4 – (8 miles in for the short course riders) open 10 close at Noon (Rest Stop Host Iris’s husband, Butch!)

63 miles – Graford Gazebo – Open 11:45 close 1 PM (Rest Stop Host Graford Community)

82 miles – The End…  Back to the Halliburton Building on Fort Richardson.  Open 1:15 Hot food, Pink Ladies, souvenir photographs with re-enactors and closing activities from 2:30 to 4 PM.

The rest stops will be on a “rolling closer”, that is they will close when the last sag wagon comes by.

Should I bring some money?
Yes!   Food will be available for purchase in the towns we overnight in and from stores along the way.  This is a tour.  We want you to stop and smell the flowers! We will have three water stops some days and four the others.  Please be prepared to purchase goodies and drinks at stores in the small towns we ride through.

What else should I bring?
That’s totally up to you.  I can tell you what I would bring.  It’s a three day adventure, four days if you count Friday evening packet pickup.  I always over pack and I’m always cold, so with that in mind, here is my packing list for a three day bike tour:
• 4 complete bike outfits, jerseys, shorts, socks. (In 4 different zip lock bags, one outfit in each bag.)
• Bike pump and lock.
• Extra bike tubes, patches and simple tools that you should already have in your seat bag.
• Flashlight
• At least 2 long sleeved tops (I’ll have 4.) to either ride in or wear around camp.  Remember, it’s October and I’m always cold.
• Rain jacket.
• Helmet, gloves, bike shoes.
• Very small first aid kit for booboo’s, blisters and saddle sores.
• Three of my favorite water bottles.
• Sunscreen and lip balm.
• Bug spray.
• Comfy clothes and shoes to wear around camp and on the way home maybe 2 pair shorts or pants and 4 t shirts, underwear, rain jacket, regular jacket.
• Snacks, bike food, powdered drink mix in a zip lock bag (I would double bag it!)
• Toothbrush, paste and floss, contact supplies, hair brush, deodorant, razor and other personal items.
• Towel, wash cloth, soap/body wash, shampoo, shower shoes.
• Tent, ground cover, sleeping bag, cot, blanket, small pillow.
• Money, cell phone and charger (fully charged), small camera, ID and Credit/Debit cards for food and supplies along the way.
• A sense of humor and a truckload of patience!
I’ll pack everything in plastic bags and put it all in a small overnight bag which will be in another plastic bag!  I will expect rain and cold and then I’ll be really happy when we have perfect weather. 

So, we’re camping?  What are the camp rules?
Common sense and the Golden Rule.  Quiet time by 9:30 or 10 PM. We’ll all be standing in line for showers, be courteous of your fellow rider and don’t forget that truckload of patience!

What if I forget something really important?
You’ll have a bike.  Ride into town and buy whatever you need! Most of the towns are really small, stores are within walking distance.

You say everyday is an 8AM start.  I want to sleep in!  Is that OK? Well...  Sunday is a late start, but we'll be noisy!
Only if you have your own transportation for your gear!  You’ll need to put all your gear in a designated spot each morning before you leave at 8 AM.  Our crews will gather it all up, toss your bags into the back of a truck and drive to the next overnight where they will toss your bags out on the ground!

I want to bring some breakable things, is that a good idea?
Only if you want to see how many pieces they will break into!!  All the bags will be tossed willy nilly into a truck and driven over bumpy roads to the next overnight, then they will be tossed out into a pile on the ground for you to pick up! The only thing I’ll bring that’s breakable is my phone; I’ll have that with me all the time!

What meals will be provided in my $150 ride fee?
2 meals a day, breakfast and an evening meal.  You'll also be offered at least 3 rest stops a day.  If I were riding the tour I would still bring some money to buy food and snacks from venders or stores and restaurants.

Is the Texas Forts Bike Tour guaranteed safe?
Heck NO!!!!
The Roads are not closed, not protected and just as safe as if you were riding on Texas Roads by yourself.  At anytime bad things could happen. Deer, turkeys, vultures, cows, bunny rabbits and other scary wild and non- wild animals could run into you or just be in the road and molest you, scare you, knock you off your bike or just generally get in your way.  Neither Race Management nor any group involved in the tour is responsible for anything in any way.  We will try to do the best with what we’ve got at the time. That could be the wrong thing to do.  If you want a sterile, safe environment, stay home and ride your trainer.

What about the route?  Are you sure we’ll be riding on the roads on the route map?
Again, Heck NO!!!
In case of road repair, flood, forest fire, tornado, or other Acts Of God or man- we reserve the right to delay the start time, alter the route, or cancel the events.  Streams and Valleys, Texas Forts Trail, The State of Texas and the Local Law will determine if the roads are in suitable condition for the events.  The decision of said group is final and we will not tolerate whiny riders. And, please don't ask for a refund, we've already spent your money and a bunch of ours!

I’ll be bringing my RV or Camping Trailer.  Do you provide transport back to the previous night’s camp so I can retrieve my rig?
No. We suggest you join make arrangements with a non rider to have transport.  I would suggest posting on our Face Book group, Texas Forts Tour and ask for a driver.

Where can I camp with my RV?
If you are bringing your RV, please make reservations early at Fort Richardson State Park for Friday night!  http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/fort_richardson/ Please mention the Forts Tour! Remember you get a free tent space.
Fort Belknap has no camping but For Griffin does.  Go to
Here is a bit of personal advice; I took my little camper the first year and missed out on all the fun the indoor campers were having!  Now I sleep on a mat in the big middle of all the bikers!  I suggest you do the same, it'll be fun!

Can I dry camp in my RV at the city parks in Throckmorton and Breckenridge?
Yes. But be sure to remember the Golden Rule.  If you’re using a generator please park far away from the tents.

I’m not into tent camping, are their hotels or B and B’s?
You bet!
Jacksboro accommodations - http://www.jacksborochamber.com/
Albany accommodations - http://www.albanytexas.com/Contact.asp
Breckenridge accommodations – to the Chamber web site and click on Lodging.  http://www.breckenridgetexas.com/

Are their awards?
Certainly, your award is the satisfaction of a job well done and all your new lifelong friends you’ll make on the ride!

What if the weather is awful?
Sorry, we will have already spent your entry fee and will not give refunds or transfer your entry to next year.  If you’ve ever been involved in hosting any kind of event, you know how much an event like this can cost.  We’ll delay the start for dangerous weather like big hail, lightening, tornadoes, hurricanes, approaching tsunamis..  But we’ll ride in rain, snow, sleet and hordes of locusts.

Will I get a really cool t shirt with my entry?
You bet!  It’s a really cool shirt with the Texas Forts Tour logo on the front! We'll have a TON of SWAG!!

Who do I contact if I have other questions?
Me. I’m always happy to answer your questions.  The office number is 940-322-3223, our fax is 940-322-1118 my email is info@weechita.org.  It’s the Hotter’N Hell office, just leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP!  I’ll be at Fort Richardson early Friday, October 7 getting ready for packet pickup, so any questions you have then. Just hold on to them and we’ll take care of you at the Fort! Remember, packet pick up is at the Halliburton Building, you can not drive to it from the fort!

We had a lot of fun last year and look forward to more fun this year! Come ride with us!


Sandy and the crew!