The Duel 

The Duel – 2015

All events will be on the same day!  That’s right; we’ll have ALL the events on ONE DAY!  I know, we’re crazy, but that’s why you like us!

The Duel will be on January 17, 2015 – that’s a Saturday.


The Duel – 10 K - Half - Full

Start Times: All events start at 8 AM.  Faster runners will stage in the front.  

Start location - 104 Scott at the corner of 2nd and Scott.  


This link is for a map of the paved marathon.

Don't worry, it really is 26.2, the map program lost a bit, but it is a certifed true length with Cert # TX12010ETM

Run on the Famous Wee-Chi-Tah dirt trail or the paved Wichita Falls Circle trail. Run a Half Marathon, a Full Marathon, a 10 K, or a Boston Qualifying Full Marathon. That’s right, I said a Boston Qualifying Marathon!!


Awards - Awards will be by 10-year age groups, with overall and masters awards. We'll also have finisher’s awards and a post - race feed. 

If we have enough early entries, I'll buy short sleeved finishers shirts!  Enter early!

On line entry at

Questions??? or 940-322-3223

Who – Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys, Hotter’N Hell Hundred, The Midwestern State University Cross Country and Track Teams, Wichita Falls Parks Department and many other wonderful volunteers.

                Who does the money go to? See above.  ALL the profit STAYS in Wichita Falls to make Wichita Falls a better place to live and play. NONE of you entry or sponsorship money goes out of town to fund a huge salary of some faceless CEO of a for profit company.  ALL of YOUR money STAYS in Wichita Falls!

What – Six events in one day; 10 K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon on either the dirt Wee-Chi-Tah trail of the paved Wichita Falls Circle Trail.  The paved marathon on the Circle Trail is a certified course and thus a Boston marathon qualifier.  This course has only 75 feet of elevation gain.

When – 8 AM on the Saturday of the third weekend in January. (The fourth weekend in January is the University Kiwanis Club Annual Pancake Festival; we have our priorities in the right place!)

Where – Everything starts and finishes at the Hotter’N Hell Club House 104 Scott on the corner of 2nd and Scott. 

Why – To make Wichita Falls a better place to live and play, to give local and close by runners a chance to run a small town event and sleep at home the night before, to give local runners a chance to set a personal best run time while running on their ‘home trail’, to give back to the community, to bring in folks from the big cities and share our ‘home town friendly’ sprit with them.

How many rest stops – port a pots are on the paved trail?  At least 3 of each that you will pass more than once

How many rest stops – port a pots are on the dirt trail? Six rest stops, you will pass 4 of them twice we’ll have 4 port a pots and one set of flush toilets

What will be at the rest stops?  Water, PowerAde and snacks – if you are picky, bring your own.

What will I get for my entry money? A really fun run, a long sleeved tech fabric shirt when you finish you will get a finisher medal – even the 10 K – and a short sleeved tech shirt.  We’re working of some free food, don’t be picky, it’s free.

Tell me again, what does the money go to?  Trails and runners is the short answer.

How much of the profit goes out of Wichita Falls? Zero, none, zilch! 

Thank you to our sponsers -

Academy Sports + Outdoors Defining Moments Nutrition  Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Pay it Forward Trinity Nutrition The Wichita Falls Runners Club The Hotter'N Hell hundred The MSU CC and Track Team Wichita Falls Parks Department