We have revamped the Mountain Bike race to allow more riders and thus more Triple Threat athletes!  By starting the Mountain Bike event at 10 AM we can expand each Category to 225 riders – Mountain Bike and Triple Threat combined.

What is new with the Mountain Bike event?


The new start is just across the pedestrian bridge at the Bridwell Ag Barn, that’s right; you get to start in the barn! We did this to facilitate multiple laps by the Cat 1 and 2 groups and so we did have to worry about bike on person collisions on the sidewalk or pedestrian bridge.  Note – Mountain Bikers will not have a river crossing this year, I know most of you loved that part, sorry.

Our new company, Cadence Sports promises to have results posted quickly and correctly!  They will even post a Leader Board for the Triple Threat!


Cat 2 will start at 10 AM and will race 2 laps.  The first lap will count for your Triple Threat time.

Cat 1 will start at 1 PM and will race 2 laps.  The first lap will count for your Triple Threat time.

Cat 3 will start at 4 PM and will race 1 lap.

Juniors will start as soon as the line is clear of “normal” Cat 3’s.

Cat 3 “first timers” will start as soon as the start line is clear of Juniors about 4:15 to 4:30

Hard Cap of 225 riders in each Category – Mountain Bike only and Triple Threat Mountain Bike combined.

A combination of all riders in each Cat shall not be more than 225 riders.  Exception – Cat 3 “normal” will be 225 riders and Cat 3 “first timers” will be 225.  Note – “first timers” is not a real USAC Cat; we want you to have a good experience so we’ll start you after all the “normal” Cat 3’s

Kid event will start as soon as the start line is clear.  We’re still working on this.


Please make sure your email is correct when you sign up!  We hope to start groups as to category and age group so you will know just who your competition is.  That said; we may have to combine very small age groups or split very large ones.

A “first timer” is someone that has not ridden a mountain bike much or maybe someone that is only in the mountain bike race so they can complete the Triple Threat.  Please do not enter the “first timer” category if you are a good mountain biker.  This is for the beginning beginners. To encourage this category to have only real beginning beginners we will not give out age group award for this category.  Everyone that finishes the mountain bike race will receive a finisher’s award!

We want to encourage young people to get out and ride so we will offer a very short – less than 3 miles – mountain bike event.  We are working on making this a free event and we even hope to have some helmets on hand to give out to kids that don’t have one. Everyone will receive a participation award.

Question –

What Category should I enter in the Mountain Bike race?

Well, that depends! 



From the USAC Rule Book – concerning Categories – (Non Mountain Bike info deleted)


1D. Rider Categories

1D1. Riders are assigned to one of the following categories with smaller numbers representing increasing rider proficiency and ability:

(b) Mountain Bike: 3, 2, 1 and Pro. A MTB rider with a Pro category must hold an international license. (We do not offer a Pro Class)


(a) Rider categories are assigned by USA Cycling based on a rider's experience and performance.  Riders are assigned to the lowest ability category until a higher category has been earned.

(b) For MTB, a rider may choose to be a category 2 or 3 without having to earn points. Once such a choice is made, the rider may not drop back to a lower category without first requesting and receiving a downgrade.

(c) Categories indicate cycling abilities relative to riders of the same sex without regard to age.

(a) Youth riders are riders with a racing age of less than 10.

(b) Juniors are riders with a racing age between 10 and 18.


Other important information.

When and Where is Packet and Chip pick up now?

WHAT?  I don’t understand!!

I want to sign up on site, can I do that?

Why can’t I sign up for the Mountain Bike on site?

Can I pre pay for my one day USA Cycling Mountain Bike license?

How do I sign up for the Triple Threat?